Alexander Neumann
Founder and Managing Partner of Erdbär / Freche Freunde
Alexander Piutti
Founder of GameGenetics, Global Venture Partners and Angel Investor
Andrea Bury
Founder of ABURY Collection and Foundation
Anna Alex
Founder of Outfittery
Anna Kaiser
Founder Tandemploy
Ansgar Oberholz
Founder of St.Oberholz
Armin Steuernagel
Founder of Purpose Platform and Foundation
Bastian Unterberg
Founder of Jovoto
Benedikt Franke
Founder of Helpling
Benjamin Wüstenhagen
Founder of K.Lab Berlin and Denkleister
Bernd Roggendorf
Founder of Ableton
Björn Sykora
Founder of Mister Spex
Björn Welter
Founder of Wonderpots and Forum Chair of Entrepreneur's Organization
Chanyu Xu
Founder of Eating, EatÜber & Customer Alliance
Christian Chaléat
Founder of Amicalo
Christian Kroll
Founder of ecosia
Christian Vater
Founder of Deutschland Rundet Auf and MyBetterLife
Christian Vollmann
Founder of, MyVideo, iLove and eDarling
Christian Wolf
Founder of Parlamind, Nu Technologies and Asgoodasnew
Christiane Strasse
Founder of Chem2Market and Projektwerk
Christoph Magnussen
Founder of Blackboat, Smaboo and President of the Entrepreneur's Organization Hamburg
Cinto Gersie
Founder of Ganic Natural Beverages
Constanze Buchheim
Founder of i-Potentials and Venture Partner at Cavalry Ventures
Curt Simon Harlinghausen
CTO of Akom360
Daniel Hoffmann
Founder of AG and Stralau Ventures
Daniel Kollmann
Founder of Vivelia and Massivkonzept
Daniel Krauss
Founder of flixbus
Daniel Schwarzlmüller
Founder of Whatever Mobile
David Diallo
Founder of Enorm Magazin, GoodJobs, MyPhotobook, Epubli and Impact Ventures
David Goldberg
Founder of Founder's Pledge
Denis Bartelt
Founder of Startnext and Finlane
Feliks Eyser
Founder of RegioHelden
Felix Heitzer
Founder of VisionSonne
Felix Leonhardt
Founder of purefood GmbH
Finn Hänsel
Founder of The Iconic, CEO of Movinga
Florian Erber
Founder and Managing Partner of Ananda Social Ventures
Florian Gottschaller
Founder of Spendit AG
Frank Geßner
Founder of 4Scotty, Partner at Avala Capital and Board Member of EO Germany
Georg Tarne
Founder of soulbottles
Günther Schmedding
Founder of 3Connected and RealNetworks
Heiko Hubertz
Founder of WHOW Games and Bigpoint
Hendrik Martens
Founder of IDEEalisten and SpringUp
Henrik Kehren
Founder of Kehren+Partner and RLC Packaging Group
Hubertus Bessau
Founder of MyMuesli
Jakob Berndt
Founder of lemonaid
Jan Bechler
Founder of Finc3 and Mediahackday
Jan Tillmann
Founder of mbrace labs and Ostermühlen Gourmet
Jana Tepe
Founder of Tandemploy
Jasper Masemann
Principal at HV Holtzbrinck Ventures Adviser, Chairman of GreatContent
Jeffry van Ede
Founder of Simplaex, Goodz and former CEO of GameGenetics
Jens-Uwe Lutz
CEO of Dietmar Lutz Malermeister GmbH
Joana Breidenbach
Founder of Betterplace and Betterplace Labs
Jochen Berger
Founder & CTO of Intergenia, currently VP M&A EMEA at GoDaddy
Johannes Weber
Founder and Managing Director at Ananda Social Ventures
Julian Barkow
Founder of SEOSEO
Karsten Warrink
Founder of Ambermedia, Superstuff, Jubelkind, Forum Chair at Entrepreneur's Organization
Ken Sommer
Managing Partner at Corso Sports Marketing
Klaus Breyer
Founder of buzzbird
Klaus Wegener
Founder of Caseable, PatchPeople and Board Member of Rocket Ventures
Kolja Hebenstreit
Founder of Delivery Hero, Point Nine Capital and Team Europe
Lea-Sophie Cramer
Founder of Amorelie
Lisa Jaspers
Founder and CEO of Folkdays
Luis Hanemann
Partner at, Founder of Trust Agents, former CMO at Rocket Internet
Marc Korthaus
CEO at SysEleven
Marc Penkala
Investment Manager at Mountain Partners, Founder of ConFashion & Angel Investor
Marcel Otto Yon
Founder and CEO of Odeon Venture Capital among several other companies
Mark E. Felling
President & CEO of Broadened Horizons
Martin Becker
Founder and CEO of Viasto
Martin Elwert
Founder and CEO of CoffeeCircle
Mathias Wengeler
Founder & CEO at Atheneum Partners
Max Maendler
Founder of, Regis24 and Lehrerkolleg, Regional Director Europe at EO
Max Wittrock
Founder of MyMuesli
Michael Janek
Founder of stickerstars
Michael Lützenkirchen
Founder of Spark Consult, Managing Director at LINK Mobility
Michael Trautmann
Founder of Thjnk & KemperTrautmann
Nicholas Thiede
Founder of CloudRadar and Tantrum
Nicole Donnelly
Founder of HappyCamper
Niek Karsmakers
Founder of Aimforthemoon, NLGroeit and NLevator
Nils Dreyer
Founder of Hilfswerft and Textprovider
Olga Steidl
Founder of TDB Newton
Patrick Ulmer
Founder of 5 CUPS And Some Sugar
Philip Heimann
Founder and CEO of Vivira Health Lab
Philip Huffmann
Founder of Helpling
Philip Siefer
Founder of Einhorn
Philipp Pausder
Founder of Thermondo and Clean Venture GmbH
Philippa Pauen
Head of E-Commerce at Bierbaum-Proenen, COO at Home Eat Home, Founder of Surpise Internet
Reza Abdolali
Founder of Blackbird & Indigo Pearl Brand Communication
Rolf Schrömgens
Founder of Trivago
Roman Kotzsch
Founder of Milego
Ryan Little
Founder of StormFisher Biogas and Canada Helps, Global Biz Dev Manager at Impact Hub
Sebastian Pollok
Founder of Amorelie
Sebastian Stricker
Founder of ShareTheMeal
Steffen Zoller
Founder of Garanturo, Managing Director at Kununu, Angel Investor
Susann Hoffmann
Founder of EditionF
Sven Rittau
Founder of K5, Owner at Zooplus
Thomas Bachem
Founder of CODE University, BVDS,, Angel Investor
Thomas Etz
Founder of Mavis
Thomas Schindler
Founder of Delodi
Till Behnke
Founder of, Founder and former CEO of Betterplace
Tim Falkenhagen
Founder and Managing Director of TAPAS
Tim Ringel
Founder of NetBooster Group, Global CEO at Reprise Media
Tim Schumacher
Founder of &
Titus Dittmann
Founder of Titus and Titus Dittmann Foundation
Tom Szaky
Founder of TerraCycle
Ulf Hackbarth
Founder of OfficeDrink
Ulli Kohl
Founder of Questico AG
Verena Pausder
Founder of Fox & Sheep
Verne Harnish
Founder of Gazelles Inc.
Victoria Wagner
Founder and CEO of Brandzeichen, CEO of Ketchum Pleon
Vinay Nair
CEO & Founder of Lightful
Waldemar Zeiler
Founder of Einhorn
Yasha Tarani
Founder of Resmio